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Investment Banking – Life As An Investment Banker. SHOCKING TRUTH

Learn how to get an investment banking, private equity or hedge fund job at

Investment banking is about money, lifestyle, social status and power?


It’s a very destructive lifestyle.

Many investment bankers are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A Day in the life of an investment banking analyst and associate is not glamorous.

Students go into investment banking because they want to make money, or they want to impress their friends and family.

They look for external means of validation (money) to reinforce and provide what should come from inside.

Money doesn’t replace an internal emptiness or lack of confidence.

Working in corporate finance & investment banking is not even as good these days as it was 10 years ago.

Yes, you’ll work with private equity firms and hedge funds, but there are many ways to make money.

And graduating from an Ivy League University to then be disrespected by Senior Bankers is NOT a good decision move.

Being an analyst and associate is NOT a good career choice, except it doesn’t provide you with good exit opportunities.

You’re better off focusing on something that you’re passionate about and building that up slowly.

But I know that people want to make quick money.

That’s the exact reason why I went into Investment banking and became an investment banker.

Introduction to Investment Banking
365 Careers

A Day in the Life of a Goldman Sachs Analyst

Afzal Hussein

Investment Banking: What do they do?


Learn what to expect as an investment banking analyst and investment banking associate.

Investment Banking Salary – Analysts | How Much First Year Analysts Earn (Base)
by Afzal Hussein

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