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My Storage Workflow for Video Production – 2021

What are the best hard drives for video editing? Should I use an SSD for editing? There are lots of things to consider when buying new hard drives. Here’s a look at what we use for my video production companies hard drive workflow.

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OWC Digital:

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0:00 – A common problem with video production
0:36 – An update to our storage workflow for video production
0:57 – Context on how the company works with clients
1:58 – The 3 main things we use
2:30 – What does your import process look like?
3:47 – From a physical hard drive to Google drive
5:02 – Why we choose Google drive
6:13 – The physical hard drives we use
6:22 – Drobo
7:33 – OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad
9:33 – 4 TB G Drives
10:08 – What computer should I use for storage?
11:00 – IMPORTANT battery backup
12:15 – Samsung T5 SSDs
14:57 – Will I have to replace SSDs?
15:35 – Should I backup my SSDs?
16:20 – How do I backup my external SSDs?
19:20 – How often should I backup my SSDs?
20:45 – Conclusion and overview
21:42 – Why don’t you use a server based hard drive system?
23:32 – Thanks for watching


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