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Deep Work Music for Programmers, Creators, Designers — Atmospheric Future Garage

Mysterious, atmospheric and deep – this playlist evokes the feeling of getting lost in a desolate city covered in fog. Perfect for working on a creative project, getting inspiration or just straight up putting some numbers in Excel sheets. Yeah, it’s pretty universal for anybody who likes this kind of mood

This is a Future Garage / Downtempo / Chillstep mix with a VIBE for entrepreneurs, coding, design, programming, creators, bloggers. No vocals, no lyrics, at least no prominent ones, to help you get focused and productive with your studying or working

Get carried away by the amazing visuals, take a ride with us through this night city and enjoy the music!

Inspired by the music of Fox3r, Silent Hill and dreampunk
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Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
Style: Downtempo, Future Garage
Mood: Inspiring, Rainy, Night, Calming, Cyber, Dark
Duration: One Hour
Feature: No vocals

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► 00:00 Almost Vanished – Nightside
► 03:28 Blackbird – Regrets
► 06:53 Myst – Foresight
► 13:19 Blackbird – Night Train
► 17:03 Taigai – Ice
► 21:38 Fox3r – Natural Light
► 26:00 SolusMind – Flou
► 29:21 Ak – Ps
► 32:36 Dawncall – Spearmint
► 36:19 Grandyzer – As It Ends
► 43:52 Blackbird – Precious Little Things
► 48:44 Kakjai – Eternal Fear Of Sunrise
► 55:15 Lowxy – Despair
► 1:02:39 4Lienetic – Collapse
► 1:07:28 4Lienetic – Skotos
► 1:11:11 Kooma – No Snow
► 1:14:05 Maltex – Endless
► 1:18:17 Air Shaper – Quiet At Dawn (Demiror Edit)
► 1:21:02 Foxtail – Feeling
► 1:24:00 Vexaic – No More

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