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What is Investment Banking? – Investment banking is regarded as one of the most glorious, rewarding, and challenging fields in the finance sector. Investment banking is a specialized division in the banking industry that helps individuals and corporations raise funds for their ventures. Investment banking encompasses a large range of financial services that also includes providing financial consultancy to clients and advising on profitable investment tools. In addition to this, they also provide services like proprietary trading and trading of securities, facilitating mergers and acquisition deals, debt restructuring, etc. The major role of investment banks is highlighted during the Initial Public Offers (IPOs) by companies going public. Investment bank helps mediate the deal between the borrowing party seeking funds and the investors who are looking for profitable avenues to park their money.

Role of an Investment Banker
The role of an investment banker is very dynamic and challenging; the job has multiple aspects to it and includes a whole lot that is perceived by a layman. At the core of this role is raising money for your clients and guiding them on profitable investment avenues.

Getting into Investment Banking
Investment banking is considered as one of the most prestigious fields in finance and therefore it invites a lot of young ambitious aspirants. It is also among one of the most rewarding career opportunities and thus invites a lot of competition. Having a Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or statistics can help you gain an entry position easily, having a Master’s degree in Finance provides you with the edge over the competition. You can opt for investment banking courses from Imarticus Learning that specifically target the investment banking industry and provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the industry.

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