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Study in Japan|Scholarships to study abroad in Japan without costing a fortune|MEXT|JASSO

Want to study in Japan but need a way to afford it? Take a look at this video explaining MEXT, JASSO, and other governmental scholarships for you to study in Japan!

【About WeXpats TV】
WeXpats is a service consisting of Japanese members and foreign members who are also expats in Japan; we hope to provide the most realistic information about Japanese life, study abroad information, and employment opportunities for audiences who are interested in Japan!
In addition to the introduction of Japanese culture, we will also take you to visit the streets of Tokyo, travel hotspots in Japan, and local information you shouldn’t miss. Don’t forget to subscribe and like our videos️

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【About Me】
Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this About Me!
This is Rebecca, who lived in Taiwan for 15 years and 10 years in California and now, here I am in Tokyo as an office worker for two years already.
Graduated from UCLA in 2018,adhering to the spirit of having to come to Tokyo while young, I moved to Tokyo in April 2019 and joined this company as a new grad!
Please let me know what you think about our channel so we can improve each day.

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