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Studying in Italy | Exams, scholarship, Italian language

Hey everyone! Now I am doing my Masters in Italy. In this video I will share my thoughts about education in Italy, tell you about scholarships and finals week during pandemic, and show around Milan a bit 🙂 – Free one week trial of the Premium version Speakly for learning languages

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– What do I do?
My name is Elina, some friends call me Eli. I am from Russia, but always travel for studying or working abroad.

– What is my channel about?
Here I share my experiences of finding scholarships to study abroad for free, opportunities all over the world; I also talk about my home country Russia and compare cultural aspects of different countries.

More videos: – free education in Italy, DSU scholarships – studying in Russia, foreigners about living in Russia – teaching English abroad, how to find a job without a teaching degree – how to write a motivation letter to apply for universities and internships abroad – moving abroad alone after college, 5 sources to find opportunities abroad

___ – on my Instagram I share more content about programs abroad, traveling and my daily life


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