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STUDY IN ITALY | Free education, scholarships

This year I’ve got a full-ride scholarship from the university of Milan, and in this video I will share my experience. We will discuss different types of scholarships in Italy. Along with the merit-based scholarships, you can also receive a need-based scholarship, which is very common here in Italy!

00:00 – opportunities to study abroad for free
00:54 – applying for universities in Italy
01:25 – studying in Italy in English
02:01 – Define the level of education you want to obtain
03:24 – Define the program you want to enroll in
04:12 – Choose your university
04:55 – Application
05:35 – Documents. Motivation letter
06:10 – CV
06:45 – Recommendation letters
06:58 – Diploma & school certificate
07:32 – merit-based scholarships
07:48 – need-based scholarships
08:05 – assistantships
09:00 – athletic scholarships, scientific researches
09:32 – scholarships from Government of your country
12:02 – documents for DSU regional scholarship


– What do I do?
My name is Elina, some friends call me Eli. I am from Russia, but always travel for studying or working abroad.

– What is my channel about?
Here I share my experiences of finding scholarships to study abroad for free, opportunities all over the world; I also talk about my home country Russia and compare cultural aspects of different countries.

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