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Cloud Storage vs Online Backup vs Local Storage: Which one is best?

In this video, we’ll be comparing cloud storage vs online backup vs local storage to clear up the confusion that often comes up when talking about cloud technology. Join us for all the details.

Cloud storage I would recommend for most people: pCloud

### Table of contents ###
0:00 Introduction
1:18 Cloud Storage vs Online Backup
1:55 Cloud Storage
2:41 Online Backup
3:31 Cloud Somputing
4:15 Local Storage vs Cloud Storage & Backup
4:32 External Hard Drive vs Cloud Storage & Backup

Cloud Storage vs Online Backup

Cloud Storage vs Online Backup: What’s The Difference in 2023?

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

How Does Cloud Storage Work? A 2023 Guide for the Uninitiated Review

pCloud Review




Backblaze Review



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