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Cryptocurrency saved and then ruined my life…

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be life-changing, but just as quickly you can lose potentially everything… Honestly crypto has become unbearable for me, a few missteps have left my Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most of my other crypto funds simply gone or in jeopardy…

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Sam Bankman-Fried or simply, SBF, using his Alameda Research and FTX ponzi scheme has decimated many crypto investors and companies, and simply wrecked people’s lives and livelihoods, myself included. Not your keys, not your coins, rings truer than ever. I will never trust, and I will always verify moving forward… FTX seemed too big to fail, regulated by governments, including a US division that was supposed to have even tighter regulation but how ironic, SBF walks around freely after stealing billions from millions… Just sit here wondering how could I have been so foolish, and leave my funds in someone else’s control like FTX, and their subsidiaries, specifically, BlockFi…

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 The crypto fallout
01:55 The impact of the crypto crash
03:17 The FTX Ponzi Scheme
06:03 Was it possible to see this coming?
07:04 What this means for the future of crypto
09:36 The global recession and depression
12:04 The value of support and family

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