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Cybersecurity Vs. Cloud Computing VS IT – Which is better for career & pay?

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0:00- Intro
1:13- What is Cloud? What is cybersecurity? What is IT?
1:55- Will Cloud Jobs replace IT jobs?
2:11- Common Job Titles
4:07- What is the easiest industry to break into?
4:34- What is the salary for cybersecurity, IT & Cloud?
5:41- What is the outlook? Is information technology dying?
6:34- What education do you need? Is a degree necessary?
7:03- Which one would I choose and why
8:22- Where do you start with cybersecurity, it & Cloud?

Curated Course List
Learn Basics of Cybersecurity-
Learn Ethical Hacking –
Learn IT Fundamentals –
Learn Cloud Security –
Learn How to Solve Problems –
Learn Computer Science Basics-
Free Resume Template –

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* This video is for entertainment purposes only*


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