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A Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Analyst – $120k Salary

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In this video I talk about my job working as a Security “Analyst” at Microsoft as a contractor. I go over my job duties and my day-to-day activities in order to shed light on what an actual job in Cybersecurity might be like.

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So I’ll make a little mini series where I talk about my typical day working all
of my cyber security jobs.
I’ve only had 4 security jobs, so the series won’t be too long

In today’s video I’m going to talk about my typical day working as a
Cybersecurity Analyst at Microsoft.
I was a contractor at during this role, so just keep that in mind
I have talked about this job a little bit on the channel
If you’ve watched the imposter syndrome video, it’s the job
I got where I met only like 10% of the requirements,
but ended up doing really well at the job,
so check out that video if you’re interested, I talked about the posted JD in detail.

So before I really get into it, this job was really strange in the sense that
I had a title of “Security Analyst”
But it was more of a Cybersecurity PM / Technical writer Hybrid role.
Basically the whole purpose of this role was to build the Azure Security Benchmark
That is Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform
To give a little context, The ASB is basically a list of
steps you can do to secure any given resource in your azure environment
So taking Azure SQL Server for example
What my team would do is take the NIST 800-53 controls as well as the
Azure SQL Server documentation and essentially create instructions for how to implement NIST 800-53 for any given service
If there we gaps, we’d note it on the draft
When our draft was “done” we’d take it to the Azure SQL Server PMs and review it with them
to validate the quality of it.
We would iterate with them many times, and when it was good enough, we’d publish the
benchmark to the public, which is what you see here

0:00 Intro
0:37 Job Overview
1:58 What objective of the work was
5:20 Day to Day Activities

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