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IT Service Management (ITSM) Explained – ITIL

In this video I explain what IT Service Management (ITSM) is, and how it can benefit you and your organization.

*So what is IT Service Management?*
Information Technology Service Management refers to the processes that an organization follows to design, plan, deliver, operate, and control the IT services that are offered to its end-users. IT Service Management is also commonly referred to as ITSM, so you’ll often hear that acronym.

The most common ITSM processes are:

*Incident Management*
This process deals with the management of IT issues that are affecting IT services. An example of an Incident, could be that the WiFi is down within an office building. Incident Management deals with the support and resolution of incidents, ensuring that IT Services are up and running smoothly.

*Service Request Management*
This process deals with fulfilling IT requests, whether it’s for hardware, software, or access to a network drive. All of these are good examples of typical service requests.

*Problem Management*
This process deals with identifying and managing the underlying causes behind incidents. The Problem Management process is usually carried out alongside the Incident Management process. Problem Management also includes root cause analysis, which is the process of identifying and resolving the root cause of a problem.

*Change Management*
This process deals with the planning, tracking, and rolling out of IT changes across an organization. Change Management allows IT organizations to properly plan for the implementation of IT changes, whilst assessing the potential risks. An example of a Change could be upgrading a SQL database to the latest version. If the upgrade fails, then one or more IT services will most likely be affected. This is an example of a common Change Request.

Presented by: Laurence Tindall

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